three magic words..


Sometimes life can be the best of times,
But sometimes life can be hell.
Love is the only thing that ,¨
keeps us going the times that Lifes hell.
Love keeps us strong, it’s the reson ,
we are Getting up in the morning.
We Love being in love.

But sometimes love can let you down.
Sometimes it hurts being in love.
Love can make people cry, it can make your,
life a livning hell.

For hours, days, Months, years, it can hurt.
But in the end, that’s what it’s worth,
when you are with the one you love.
And there are three special words that,
Makes your life a living dream,
that can safe you from having a hell.
That makes you so happy, you just want to scream,
of joy and happiness.

So that’s why you should Always say,
the three magic words. No matter what...

I … Love… You…


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